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Our office number: 780-444-0911

Oteenow Employment & Training Society

The only employment & training organization in the Edmonton, Alberta area dedicated to First Nations people. Oteenow Employment & Training Society helps match workers to jobs in a wide range of employment sectors

Employment Opportunities

Success and Fulfillment

Oteenow will help guide the way

From career planning to skill enhancement, to job search and on-going employment maintenance, Oteenow is a full-service agency with one goal: to help First Nations and Inuit people find success.  Secure, sustainable, fulfilling employment: Oteenow will guide the way.

Working Together

Oteenow opens doors for opportunity

Meaningful employment is the best route to self-sufficiency. By sponsoring training and building community partnerships, Oteenow helps First Nations and Inuit people tap into the many career possibilities that exist in Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

How We Can Help

We're here for you

Oteenow Employment Centre is completely results driven. We are here to get workers working in satisfying, long-term careers.

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Successful Clients

"[I] want to say thank you again for the opportunity in helping me reach my goals and Education, training. I come from a low income background, so I’m grateful for the assistance and  support!!!"

Wendy Moostoos

University of Alberta

"I would like to thank you [Oteenow] for all your support and for believing in me. I can't wait to start my career in Hairdressing!!"

Nakita Watchmaker

MC College

"Without the training provided it would have made it harder to find work in the HEO field. Oteenow got me the proper training and experience needed to pursue a new and exciting career. Thank you Oteenow!"

Justin Cardinal

Heavy Equipment Operators


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