** To avoid further confusion, our services page offers a guideline as to the types of services we may offer. THEY ARE NOT PROGRAMS OFFERED EXCLUSIVELY BY OTEENOW.

Career Decision Making

Can looking for a job be exciting? Possibly even fun? We sure think so!

Oteenow Employment & Training Society helps you determine realistic career expectations and priorities. A clear path of action helps you avoid the pitfalls of disappointment and frustration and opens the doors to possibility. We’ll help you assess labor market trends and make employment decisions that work for you.


Researching Opportunities

It's not always about the money.

Whether or not a job or employee will be a good fit depends on a number of factors. Oteenow will help you find the big picture. Together, we will assess and create an inventory of things to consider when making your next career move. We will help you identify: your areas of interest and how they can be applied to the workforce; current industry trends and demands; conditions in the local labour market and how they factor into available occupations, education, training, and expected income; achieve goal getting and more.

Oteenow Means Opportunity

Oteenow also offers individual employment counselling and we can help you use our on-site computer, fax, phone and internet facilities to maximize your job search.


Training and Skills Enhancement

Feeling under-qualified can make your dream job seem out of reach. Oteenow can help eligible candidates develop new skills and competencies to increase confidence and employability in your field of interest. We can assist you with skills training applications, provide access to varying types of training and employment programs, offer advice and assistance about self-employment programs, and provide referrals to other agencies for educational upgrading, apprenticeships, industry training and work experience.


Contact Oteenow Employment & Training Society to find out if you are eligible for funding for the training program of your interest!

Job Search

Sometimes the job search can seem like a job in itself. At Oteenow, it is our job to make finding your job easy. We will help you design your very own individualized employment action plan, a step-by-step “to-do list” made just for you that will guide you along the path to your employment goals. Oteenow can help you learn how to network with prospective employers, write effective resumes and cover letters, refine job search techniques, perfect your interview skills and satisfy employer expectations.


At Oteenow, we are in the business of employment.


Employee Maintenance

The journey does not stop once you land your job. We know life happens. But we also know that stable employment is a necessary part of life.


What’s the secret to stable employment? A stable lifestyle.  At Oteenow, our holistic approach takes into account every aspect of your personal puzzle, which helps us piece together employment solutions that work in your real world. Working with your Oteenow employment counsellor, you get access to the resources you need to get on track to a happy, healthy life. Eligible clients are connected with resources that help you gain access to affordable housing, life skills management (including childcare and relationship counselling), transportation and time management assistance and solutions to other real or perceived employment barriers.