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Possibility is Waiting for You

Good work matters - it enriches the lives of employers and employees alike. Connecting the two is what Oteenow Employment & Training Society does best. Established in 1992, Oteenow is the only employment service agency exclusively dedicated to finding First Nations and Inuit people living in Edmonton and area, careers that work.

We match applicants to jobs in a wide range of sectors, some you might not have considered. If you are willing and ready to work, we will help you find the best fit for you.


OUR MANDATE is to provide governance and management of First Nation's urban resources to implement labor market programs and services for the benefit of First Nation members residing in the Edmonton area


OUR MISSION is to provide human resource development programs and services to First Nations people in the Edmonton area in order to assist them in becoming self-reliant and subsequently to lead productive lives


OUR VISION is to employ healthy, independent and empowered First Nations people living in the Edmonton area.


OUR PHILOSOPHY: All paths lead to employment

Our Team

Relationships Build Trust. Relationships Produce Results

At Oteenow, we know that successful partnerships are always improving. Our strength is creating connections. We connect employers with the First Nations and Inuit workers who are ready to work and our success leads to solid partnerships with a wide range of companies and organizations. We see potential in the workforce; we see possibilities that are easy to overlook. Our job is to explore the options and help you choose the ones that work best for you.


Employment and Training Solutions

At Oteenow, we recognise that opportunities often arise in unexpected forms. Decades of experience make it easy for our staff to identify challenges and match capable people with the very best employment and training solutions available. Whether you are an employer or job seeker, Oteenow Training & Employment Society will open your eyes to opportunity.

Contemporary, Hollistic and Culturally Aware

Oteenow Training & Employment Society is rooted in history and knowledge of First Nations and Inuit people. We employ a holistic and cultural approach to our services. This means that we take the time to understand the individual needs and potentials of our clients and partners, a process makes it easy to find employment solutions that work the long term. Oteenow makes employment work better.

Our staff strive to provide our clients connections to employment opportunities where they see fit. We come from the private sector, government, non-profit and other employment agencies. We are passionate and engaged in our community. And we believe that all roads can lead to employment.

Board of Directors

Lyle Donald
Treaty 8 Board Member
Derek Thunder
Treaty 8 Board Member
Garret Steinhauer
Treaty 6 Board Member
Nicole Minde
Treaty 6 Board Member